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Los Angeles is a veritable hotspot for entertainment industry celebrities, dignitaries, and VIPs, not to mention an important economic center for many businesses and their executives. The World Protection Group, Inc. provides comprehensive services for Executive Protection in Los Angeles to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its clients.

With the constant risk of criminal assault and other potential security threats, hiring Executive Protection (EP) Agents in Los Angeles is just one component of a comprehensive security plan. WPG's philosophy and techniques are based on the United States Secret Service's methodology, which emphasizes prevention over brute force.

Executive Protection Los Angeles

Through our Los Angeles Executive Protection Agents, clients are able to enjoy peace of mind in knowing that their safety is assured even before they step into their favorite night club or hotel. Proactive Executive Protection in Los Angeles goes beyond simply providing the client a security person that looks tough. WPG’s EP agents engage in advance work, visiting every location in a client's itinerary to gather information on possible threats and prepare a comprehensive security plan.

Our Los Angeles Executive Protection Agents also have comprehensive training in emergency first aid and CPR/AED, and always travel with trauma kits and oxygen. By taking every precaution necessary, our agents in Los Angeles can provide VIPs with the kind of proactive protection that can help them avoid threats and embarrassing situations.

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The World Protection Group’s (WPG) Executive Protection protocol is based on the U.S. Secret Service’s ‘3 rings of protection’. WPG layers security around the client and his/her residence and workplace. Techniques include barriers, alarms, walls and gates, surveillance and counter surveillance, access control, protective intelligence, armored vehicles and close protection agents. The tactic provides maximum protection and minimum intrusion to the client.

Executive Protection Agents visit all points of a client’s itinerary prior to his/her arrival. Agents assess threats and gather protection intelligence, and then write a security plan that includes primary and secondary routes, nearest trauma hospitals, safe rooms, rest rooms and front and back entrances. Agents meet in advance with key personnel at each location and always have back-up plans ready to avert a possible threat. WPG maintains a library of continuously updated advance information for each client and each frequent location they visit.

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Executive Protection Agents have law enforcement or military experience, preferably with Special Forces. They also have graduated from an accredited U.S. Executive Protection training academy. Each WPG Executive Protection Agent undergoes extensive background searches, employment verification, and tests to screen drug use and determine psychological and physical fitness. Executive Protection is not about fighting, using a gun, or hiring an off-duty policeman. An Executive Protection Agent’s job is to minimize all risk around the client by being proactive and preventive so that no security incident ever occurs. In the highly unlikely event that a security issue does materialize, the Executive Protection Agent’s only role is to ‘cover and evacuate’ the client out of harm’s way.

WPG core values for Executive Protection Agents are the following:

Discretion: WPG Executive Protection Agents often become exposed to intimate details of an executive’s business or an individual’s private life. Each of the firm’s agents signs a strictly enforced confidentiality agreement

Focus: WPG rotates Executive Protection Agents in and out of a detail so they do not become compliant and potentially breach the professional barrier of becoming too close to the client.

Responsibility: WPG Executive Protection Agents carry $10 million in armed liability and workman’s compensation insurance to shield clients from any lawsuit resulting from potential use of force. WPG Executive Protection minimizes risk and liability, where in-house security or unlicensed guards will typically be a source of potential liability for an individual or organization.

Peace of Mind: WPG Executive Protection provides a seamless, full service security program and manages scheduling, training, background checks, and other initiatives to meet the specific needs of each client from the start of a security detail. WPG Executive Protection continually revises operations as the client’s needs change.

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The World Protection Group can send its Executive Protection Agents to any area of the world and also has vetted partner agencies around the world from which to source local Executive Protection resources and drivers. WPG Executive Protection procures protective intelligence with U.S. and foreign intelligence organizations prior to any protective detail and has the ability to mobilize armored vehicles, 24-hour command centers, encrypted cell phones and private air transportation as necessary.

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